It was a great tour! Laurin/Bergcrantz project feat. Victor Lewis

October 14-23 2014 We’re gonna do it again for sure!

My new CD is out! First one since 2007 and I’m very happy and proud of the music and the overall concept! Hope you will like it!

“This CD really showcases a new phase of my musical life. Being the soloist with a symphony orchestra in a beautiful extended orchestral work is such a thrill and something that I haven’t been doing very much at all of in the past. Anna-Lena Laurin has given me a generous amount of freedom and opportunity to express myself with the colors, rhythms, dynamics and harmonics of the music. Very inspiring to say the least!
I am grateful for Anna-Lena’s total insight of how to get an improvising soloist to bloom….”

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Check out my solo on Dedication from the CD “About Time” (Stunt Records). Transcribed by Jeff Helgesen